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Strategy is a style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate process,
an intensive implementation system, the science of insuring future success. – Pete Johnson


Saltworks is a strategic consultancy that helps destinations and places build an identity, figure out their brand positioning on the market and create inclusive tourism strategies that make your destination ready for the future.

Girl in victory position, standing in front of a glacier. Illustrating the power of place.

Place branding

Every place has a story – and a role on the world stage. We’ll help you find your voice based on your identity, history and future ambitions. Brand positioning that sets you apart from your competition and attracts the right investors, talent and tourists – and increases the value of origin for the produce of your place.

We offer strategy consulting, stakeholder management and process development.

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Tourism development

Tourism is changing rapidly with both new technologies and new mindsets due to climate change. It’s not about what the tourists want, it is about what makes sense for your locals. It is not about how many people you can attract, but understanding who are the right fit, enjoy what you have to offer and can contribute to the local community.

It is about contribution instead of exploitation, about developing regenerative tourism, understanding the trends, the impact of technology and how to maximise the use of digital solutions.

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A bridge and green path in a Kyoto temple, illustrating the path to a successful tourism strategy.
Waves crashing on a rocky beach, illustrating crisis communications.

Crisis communications

It’s not about what happens to you, but about what happens next. How you can take ownership of the narrative and turn a negative event into a positive development. We have experience from multiple crises caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, economic collapse, conflict and political turmoil. We help you prepare beforehand, and properly react when things are looking dire.

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Public speaking

Both Hjörtur and Inga are regular keynote speakers at conferences on tourism, leadership, startups and digital development. We offer not only speaking engagements but also panel moderation and workshop facilitation. We also offer courses on innovation and product development, storytelling and experience design and destination management masterclasses.

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We listen more than we talk.

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